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Who are we?

Suara Foundation is a non-profit organisation born in 2011 whose main mission is to offer better living conditions to the street cats in Barcelona.

Once offered the necessary veterinary care, the cats pass by the cat house of the organisation to help them going through the adaptation process until they can be delivered to an adoptive family.

We love cats,
we help cats.


What do we do?

1. Program T.N.R.

The method used to control the population growing in cat colonies that this organisation uses. Its consists in using the Trap, Neuter and Return method so the cats can return to their colony.

2. Veterinary care

Reception, care and medical attention. Suara Foundation provides health care for all cats, assuming all the veterinary costs, before the cats are returned to the colony where they belong or given to adoption through our cat house.


What do we do?

3. Foster home and adoption

After the veterinary care, cats are temporarily accommodated  in the foundation cat house, space designed to help them in their process of adaptation to their new life and in which they will live until each one finds a suitable adopters to each one of them.

4. Cat’s image

Using educational and ludic activities done in the cat house, this organisation wants to introduce the cat’s image in the community and bring a new vision of the cat and his relationship with people.

The space


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The social and physical headquarters of the foundation is located in el El Born (Ciutat Vella) a neighbourhood of Barcelona. Conceived as a meeting point for activities related to the feline world. This is a unique space in the world that all cat lovers should know. Not only you can play with the cats, but the main purpose is to make you fall in love with them… and adopt one.

It was designed to be a foster house, the time they stay in the cat house helps their adaptation to live in a house before they find their home.

Come and meet us!


* Our main purpose is to ensure the physical and emotional condition of the cats and that’s why we have limited days to visit, very controlled hours and capacity. You can come visit us Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday all day and enjoy the space and our cats.


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Make a reservation to visit our Cat House, come, relax and enjoy with our cats, it’s very easy:

Step 1: Make a reservation* through our form

Step 2: You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your reservation along with some small rules that you must bring signed the day of your visit.

Step 3: We ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your reserved time.

Enjoy your time with our cats!


*To visit our space, we request a donation that will be destined to the care of the cats that are in the foundation and to all that we help. With your visit this helps us to continue our work:

Donation: 6 euros for 30 minutes.

Wednesday from 6PM to 8.30PM
Thursday de 6PM a 8.30PM
Friday from 3.30PM to 8.30PM
Saturday de 12PM to 2.30PM and from 3.30PM to 8.30h

Thursday from 6PM to 8.30PM
Friday and Saturday from 12PM to 2.30PM and from 3.30PM to 8.30h


You can stay only for half an hour or stay until 3 hours. During this time you will have free wifi access, you can play with our cats or read a book while one of our cats sleeps next to you. You make a reservation for a period of time and than you want to stay for more time, it won’t be a problem if we still have capacity. Once you leave the cat house, you can pay for the extra time you’ve been there, always in periods of 30 minutes. 

Making a reservation is the only way to guarantee a visit in our cat house. Once the time has passed the 30 minutes we will give the space to other visits. Please remember that e have a very limited capacity (10 people) for the safety and welfare of our cats.

To groups with more than 10 people or special reservations you need to contact us through our email our phone so we can valuate each case individually.

Modifications to your visitYou can change your reservation (date / hours) just by making a click in “Change reservation” in your confirmation email until 24 hours before yur visit. 

CancellationsYou can cancel your visit until 24 hours before your visit without any cost. 

Age limitThere is no age limit. Visitors with under 16 years old should come with an adult. 


Occasional Donation

You can make a deposit to the following account: ES32 0081 0557 1900 0145 9248

Or through paypal.

* In case you need a certificate of tax deduction, you can send an e-mail to meow@suarafoundation.com


Micro Donation Monthly


Suara Foundation Member


Adopt a cat

All the cats in Suara Foundation receive veterinary care before adoption: they are dewormed, vaccinated and have a microchip. For us the cat's welfare is the most important thing. For that reason we ask you to contact us by email so we can sendo you a questionary so we can know you a little better and valuate which cat suits your lifestyle. I want to adopt




Miss Kittin

Mis Kittin







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The origin of Suara Foundation is a story of conscience, love and a wish to improve the environment which we live in. Everything began in 2011 when Aida, Veterinary Surgeon and animal lover, started to control (with the T.N.R.V : Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return) a little ferral cat colony in Gavamar.   

The costs to control that colony started to grow, so Iván, Aida’s boyfriend and the owner of the label Suara Music, decided to collaborate with economical resources and to be part of the project. A short time after this moment, this project started to be Suara Foundation has we know it now. 

“We had to give cats back all the love we received”



Through different collaborations with associations and the help of veterinary clinic CNR of Sant Boi de Llobretat, the project slowly but strongly started to grow.

The strong values of Suara universe, which donates part of its benefits to the foundation, led to the creation of this project as a form of real commitment and unconditional love towards animals.

“We feel very proud to see all the support we have received”



Suara Foundation is one of the main pillars of a major project: Suara. Record label of underground techno music and a fashion brand with a strong ethical commitment that respects the environment. It has the design and the feline world as the central axis both in its covers and in its collections.

The strong values of Suara universe, which donates part of its benefits to the foundation, led to the creation of this project as a form of real commitment and unconditional love towards animals.

“What a while ago was a dream, now it’s a reality”



Nowadays, and thanks to the opening of the cat house, Suara Foundation begins a new stage in which, in addition to offering a second chance to street cats, an awareness-raising work is carried out.

The Suara Foundation cat house thus becomes an essential meeting point for lovers of cats from all over the world and in a space where you can enjoy them.

“The time spent with cats it’s never wasted time”

Visit us at

C/ De La Fusina, 6,
08003, Barcelona

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