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Who are we?

Suara Foundation is a non-profit organization born in 2011 whose main mission is to offer better living conditions to street cats in Barcelona.

Once offered the necessary veterinary care they go through an adaptation process until they can be delivered to an adoptive family.

We love cats,
we help cats.


What do we do?

1. C.E.S Program

A method used to control population growth in feline colonies that Suara Foundation has been carrying out in some colonies in the province of Barcelona since its humble beginnings.

2. Veterinary care for sick cats

Reception, care and medical care of cats requiring veterinary assistance. Suara Foundation assumes the costs derived from veterinary care that are needed and once treated are returned to the colony to which they belong or are given for adoption depending on their situation.


What do we do?

3. Reception and transfer in adoption of sociable cats

After an exhaustive veterinary care, the more sociable cats, are kept in reception in the headquarters of the foundation until they are matched with compatible adopters for each one of the cats.

4. To make known the figure of the cat as a companion animal

Through playful and educational activities, the foundation aims to show that in many occasions the cat world is still a great unknown for many human beings and they need a special treatment that we don’t always know how to offer.

The space


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The social and physical headquarters of the foundation is in Barcelona and is designed to receive cat lovers. Conceived as a meeting point for activities related to the feline world, at Suara Foundation you can visit your tenants, play with them and if a bond is born, you can adopt one.

All cats living in the Suara Foundation have received the necessary veterinary care, are vaccinated and their passage through the Suara Foundation makes them live in a home while waiting for an adoptive family.

Come and meet us!


* Our main objective is to ensure the physical and emotional condition of our inhabitants for this reason we restrict the days of visit and capacity. You can come visit us from Thursday to Sunday from 1/2 h and enjoy our cats as long as you want.


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Make a reservation to visit our Cat House, come, relax and enjoy with our cats, it’s very easy:

Step 1: Make a reservation* through our form

Step 2: You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your reservation along with some small rules that you must bring signed the day of your visit.

Step 3: We ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your reserved time.

Enjoy your time with our cats!


*To visit our space, we request a donation that will be destined to the care of the cats that are in the foundation and to all that we help. With your visit this helps us to continue our work:

Donativo: 6 euros for 30 minutes.

Thursday from 6PM to 8.30PM
Friday and Saturday from 12PM to 2.30PM and from 3.30PM to 8.30h

You can come for half an hour and stay for a total of 3 hours. During the time that you want we put at your disposal free Wi-Fi, you can play with them or simply read a book while one of our kittens takes a nap at your side. If you book a certain time and then you want to stay longer there will be no problem as long as the capacity allows. Once your visit is completed, the donation will be made proportionally to the time you have been in fractions of 30 minutes.

Making a reservation is the only way to guarantee a visit. Once the 30-minute period is over, we will give up space for other people who wish to visit our Cat-House. Remember that our capacity is very limited for the safety and welfare of the cats that inhabit the foundation.

To ensure the welfare of cats it is not possible to make reservations for more than 10 people. For larger groups and space reservations, please contact us in order to assess each case individually.

Modifications to your visit: You can modify your reservation date / hours by clicking on “modify your reservation” in the confirmation e-mail until 24 hours before your reservation.

Cancellations: You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your appointment without any cost.

Age limit: There is no age limit. An adult must accompany visitors under the age of 16.


Occasional Donation

You can make a deposit to the following account: ES32 0081 0557 1900 0145 9248

Or through paypal.

* In case you need a certificate of tax deduction, you can send an e-mail to meow@suarafoundation.com


Micro Donation Monthly


Suara Foundation Member


Adopt a cat

All the cats that pass through our foundation and are adopted are happy in their new home, for this reason we ask you to contact us and we will send you a form to get to know you a little more. I want to adopt



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The origin of Suara Foundation is a history of conscience, Love for cats and the desire to improve the environment in which we live in. Everything began in 2011 with the help of a small colony of cats located in Gavà, by Aida Iniesta, lover of the animal world, veterinarian by profession and vocation.

First she took them food to later perform the CES method (capture-sterilize-drop). The costs are high so her partner Ivan Ramos, owner of the record label SUARA, decided to collaborate by assuming the derived veterinary costs.

We needed to return all the unconditional love we had received



The vocation for help was growing and in 2014 we began with other feline colonies nearby through volunteers who brought cats who needed vaccines to the clinic where Aida worked.

Some cats that could have put their life in danger on the street due to major illnesses were adopted by the surroundings of Aída and Ivan. The project started to gain the support of public organizations and cat lovers from around the world thanks to Suara.

Since we’ve started, we have received cat lovers support from the whole world



Suara Foundation is one of the cornerstones of a larger project, Suara. The renowned record label Suara adopted the cats as an emblem and the fashion brand Suara, with a strong ethical commitment and respect for the environment in its production processes, has the design of the feline world as the central axis of their collections.

The strong values ​​of the Suara universe, which donate part of their profits to the foundation, led to the creation of the foundation as a form of real commitment and unconditional love for felines.

Thanks to Suara the dream became a reality



Today, thanks to the opening of its own space, Suara Foundation opens the door to a new stage in which, in addition to offering a second chance to street cats, it offers awareness.

The physical headquarters of the foundation thus becomes a meeting point essential for feline lovers and in a space where not only enjoy them but also to know them through playful and educational activities.

Because you cannot love what you don’t know

Visit us at

C/ De La Fusina, 6,
08003, Barcelona

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